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The Pinstripe Blazer

I am no talking about Yankees pinstripe jerseys or the Pinstripe game that lots of kids love. I am talking about the pinstripe blazer that will be a staple in your wardrobe forever. The pinstripe suit came into being around the end of the nineteenth century and has been in fashion pretty much ever since.

40 Holiday Dresses To Wear in 2020

Whether you’re celebrating Christmas or NYE. From the city to the Beach, you deserve a stunning dress. In Brazil, the country I am from, these two events are the biggest holidays of the year. But NYE is the one that we dress up celebrating the new year that is coming with glamour.Usually, we celebrate having

9 Sweater Dresses you want for Fall 20

For me, a sweater dress is the coziest ever. I don’t know, another style more relaxed than a sweater dress. If you know others, please show me what I want to know. Every fall, I chose a few to add to my wardrobe, and this year, I chose this style called Tess by Lover+Friends from

Puffer Trend 2020

We already have seen padded leather on shoes this past summer, and now is all over, from jackets to hats. The last time I stopped at the Zara store, I saw padded coats in faux-leather, and I wanted to have it. The sad thing is that here it isn’t cold enough to wear. Below are

Orange Blazer + Leather pants kinda day

The best thing about Fall is to dress up, and is my favorite season; my second is Spring. Growing up in Cuiaba, where it is warm every day, I remember the chilliest days like was yesterday because they’re only a few days in the entire year. I believe this is one of the primary reasons I

Manu Atelier

Last month I bought a bag from a brand that is well known in Istanbul, Turkey. But, people barely know here in North America. The brand are founded by the sisters Beste and Merve Manastir, daughters of one of the oldest handcraftsman and leather goods manufacturer in Istanbul. The band aims to preserve its loyalty

Floral mini dress

Hi babes, I want share this mini dress that took me almost 2 months to wear and I fell in love with. I got this mini dress called Gombardy by Faithfull the Brand 2 months ago at Revolve and didn’t had the opportunity to wear until couple days ago. I am like: why I didn’t

A dose of oversized tee

I have been so busy lately because I move out of my old apartment to a new one, and the unpacking has been insane.I am very excited about the new place and have fantastic views of nature; we are across Otay lakes preserve. It’s so delightful to wake up with a ray of sunshine on

Tupac tee

Tupac is one of my favorite rappers and I have been listening since I was teenager Play ▶️ button below to feel my vibe 😄. Unfortunately, it was after his death. I never thought I would be listening here in California. I remember being with a couple of friends talking about how cool it would

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